"Secret Voyages to the New World"
by Gunnar Thompson

Available through this site Now The Queen Beyind the Voyage

Suspense, mystery, & drama! It is all here, along with a fresh look at some of the enduring enigmas of history. Features nine true and complete adventures fom the Forbidden Chronicles of American Discovery. Includes the story of voyages chartered by Queen Hatshepsut, King Solomon, Queen Elizabeth I! Learn about the secret discoveries of Marco Polo, Chinese adventurer Tzu Fu, Admiral Zheng He, Nicholas of Lynn, Amerigo Vespucci, Francis Drake, King Arthur, and more!

This book makes a great gift! This is a fun read for average adults and sophisticated teens. It’s all about finding clues and solving mysteries. Filled with gorgeous illustrations: maps, artifacts, and ships. Thompson introduces a New Paradigm of dual-gender exploration and multiethnic discovery.

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More About "Secret Voyages"

Details: 300 pages, paperback, 8.5x11, full-color cover, illustrated, quality binding. ISBN-13: 978-0-9788916-0-2

  • Forward by Gavin Menzies

  • Vital role of women in discovery

  • Old World plants, animals, arches, wheels, metal tools, diseases, and drugs in the New World before Columbus

  • Telescopes in ancient China & Rome

  • Secret clocks used in navigation and mapping; Drake’s “Clock Map”

  • 1418 Ming Map—first true World Map

  • Marco Polo’s maps of West Coast

  • Maps of Florida before Columbus

  • Multiethnic New World Discovery

  • Gold of Ophir; Isle Royale Copper

  • How Mongolian horn bows and Native horses transformed the Plains Indians.

Book Reviews & Comments:

“Stunning!” “Brilliant!”
“So that’s how it happened!”
“The map of the world will never be the same!”
“Thoroughly convincing!”

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Marco Polo's Portrait with NW Indian Art

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